Wednesday Agenda

7:30 AM



9:00 AM

Fallsview Theatre A

Privacy in the Networked Classroom

Jacquelyn Burkell, Valerie Steeves, Brian Beamish, Jane Bailey


Peller Estates Ballrooms

Minds on Media (MoM): Come Learn with Ed Tech Giants!

Peter Skillen, Brenda Sherry


Room 201



Room 202

Designing New Literacies: Rethinking Literacy Instruction in our Digital World

Leigh Cassell


Room 203

Designing Interactive Textbooks

Mike Clare


Room 204

Supporting Executive Function and the Ontario Learning Skills through Technology

Jennifer Hearn, Candide Dovey


Room 205

Everything is Awesome - it really really is!

Heidi Mannhardt


Room 206

Robots to enhance learning using a winning formula

Enzo Ciardelli, Stan Hunter


Room 207

Electric Literacy: Powering up student writing with interactive fiction

Candace Bamber


Room 208

Transforming the Library from Traditional Space to Learning Commons

Sarah Pritchard, Daniel Pitre, Nicole Batte


Fallsview Theatre A



10:00 AM

Coffee Break


11:30 AM

Learning Hall (Exhibit Space)


1:00 PM

Room 201



Room 202

Coaching Coding

Austin Gagnier


Room 203

Digging Deeper: Harnessing the power of technology to grow successful class gardens

Jennifer Kranenburg


Room 205

Technology Integration for Administrators

Mike Filipetti


Room 206

Artists, Writers, Graphic Designers, Researchers, Creators through Technology

Laura Suppa


Room 207

Making for All

Mika Ilic, Lauren Kowalczyk, Stephanie Kuntz, Liz Finlan, Tricia Dwyer-Kuntz


Room 208

Book Creator - Documenting the Inquiry Process and Student Learning

Kimberlee Hall, Heather Williams


2:00 PM

Coffee Break


6:00 PM


Early Registration


8:00 PM

EdTech Karaoke - Margaritaville