Minds on Media

Minds on Media (MoM): Come Learn with Ed Tech Giants!

9:00 – 3:30

Join us for MoM!
Spend the day with the inventor of the touch screen!
Learn along with the creator of the most successful hypertext application of all time!

Would you like to learn from the person who invented graphic organizers?
How about a pioneer & author in George Lucas’ Edutopia and an expert in digital storytelling and global project-based learning?

Or a pioneer in robotics in education who worked with Seymour Papert—the father of the digital maker movement and coding for kids?
Be empowered by the best of Ontario’s educators to support deep learning in your school or classroom!

Don’t Miss the Opening! Details to Follow!

Grand Prizes at 2:30pm!

What is Minds On Media©?

Minds On Media© (MOM) is a model of professional learning that respects the learner’s ‘desire to know’—created in 2009 by Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen.

You come to learn and we respect your choices in how you wish to do that. We want you to take a ‘minds on’ approach.

It is a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) event with a variety of centres focusing on being learners in the 21st century – the age of ubiquitous media.

What will teachers learn?

Imagine a room full of educators who are experts in information and communications technologies (ICT) and learning theory. What could be learned from them?

That is up to you! You can visit one of the centres or visit them all! You might be an absolute beginner or comfortable with technology – but this is about authentic use with students to develop deeper understandings.

The facilitators at the centres will have the skills to support all learning styles with awesome classroom projects as exemplars!

Why is Minds On Media© unique?

It’s not ‘wait for the workshop’ any more. It’s ‘just in time’ learning – not ‘just in case’. Teachers will gain expertise in nurturing and leveraging a robust professional learning network (PLN).

Pedagogistas are there to ensure that we don’t get lost in the mechanics of the tools—but rather remind and support us to think deeply about the role of technology in learning and teaching.

(Check http://mindsonmedia.ca to understand the philosophy and organization of the day!)

Details of centres will follow here!! http://bit.ly/bit17mom