Charge and Recharge

In a world where some of us might only know each other through social media, a conference like BIT is an amazing opportunity for us to get to meet each other in person. In order to maximize  our chance to talk and learn from each other  in real  time, we are going to try something that we call: “Charge and ReCharge.”

We have allocated 15 booths around the vendor hall. You get to “Charge” your learning by using the time and space to connect with someone you might only know through social media. And, each booth is equipped with a power bar for “ReCharging” your devices.

In order to assist you in meeting up with those individuals that you want to connect with, we have also placed 4 different coloured posters of giant pins around the Convention Centre. Use the pins as meeting places before heading to the “Charge and ReCharge” booths.

Take the time to meet someone new and share your learning with them.

Note: Booths A to N, are on a ‘first-come-first-served’ schedule and do not require prior booking.