Creating Your Own Personal Schedule in Lanyrd

As you may know, for the past few years the Bring IT, Together Conference has used Lanyrd as an organizing tool for the many sessions we offer at the conference. Lanyrd is available as both a website and as an app for Android and iPad. The URL for this year’s conference is:

One of the useful features of Lanyrd is that it allows attendees to create their own digital schedule of the sessions they want to attend. To do this, you need to have a Lanyrd account, which you can easily create using your email address, Twitter or Linkedin account. To create your account you may go to or choose “Sign in” on the web page or app and you will see an option to register an account.

You will find the “Sign In” in the top right corner of the page if you are using the web version or on the opening page of the app. If you are using the app, you can find the conference schedule by entering “BIT16” in the search window.

Once you have signed in to BIT16 on Lanyrd, the next step in creating your own schedule is to pick your sessions. In the web version ( the schedule appears by day as Day 1 (Wed.), Day 2 (Thurs.) and Day 3 (Fri.) Clicking on any one of these days will bring up a list of the sessions offered. The app version provides a list of the sessions in order by day and time.

When you click on a session to view it, you will see two buttons “Attend” and “Track,” which are used to make your own schedule. If you find a session you want to attend, click the Attend button. If you’re not sure but want to keep it in mind, click the Track button.

In the web version of Lanyrd, you have the option to view the schedule in Grid View and then in Full Page. When you do so, you will see that the sessions you have chosen to Attend or Track are now colour-coded so that you can easily see which sessions you had in mind for each time slot.

In the app version of Lanyrd, the sessions you select to Attend or Track show up in “Your Schedule,” your own personal schedule for the conference.

In either version, you may choose to Stop Attending or Stop Tracking whenever you like and make new selections. One word of caution though: sometimes the changes don’t appear immediately and you may have to close the web page or app, and then re-open it in order for the changes to appear.

Sadly, Lanyrd has been down more often than we would like this year. For that reason, we recommend using the app version because it gives you the option to save the event offline. Then, even when the Lanyrd site is down, you can still view the schedule.

Jeff Reaburn


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