Non-stop Learning on Thursday and Friday

Wednesday’s focus is active, hands-on participation in as few, or as many, learning opportunities as you desire.  On Thursday and Friday the learning is non-stop with almost 150 50-minute sessions.

Keynote speakers start the learning on Thursday and Friday.  Thursday features Shelley Terrell Sanchez (@ShellTerrell) and Friday is Jesse Brown (@JesseBrown). Shelley’s topic is Trends, Areas for Growth and Challenges while Jesse will be examining Canada’s future in his keynote: Next Canada.

The entire conference is contained in Lanyrd.  We’ve said it before, we will say it again (there’s even an upcoming BITBlog post about Lanyrd) you should be using Lanyrd. You can access Lanyrd through your web browser but, better yet, download the appropriate app for your device and you’ll have the whole schedule literally, in your hands!

Sessions have been “tagged” by the session presenters, and conference organizers, in order to help you find sessions of interest.

Thursday’s tag summary on Lanyrd:

Friday’s tag summary on Lanyrd:

If you don’t follow the conference on Twitter (@BringIT2016), you should!  In addition to our regular flow of interesting tweets, each of the sessions for Wednesday has already been tweeted and we are now working our way through Thursday’s and Friday’s sessions.

On Thursday and Friday there is also the opportunity to visit the Learning Hall (the location for educational vendors and Innovation Stations) and the Learning Space.  An upcoming BITBlog will provide more details on these and the wide variety of social activities.  You can’t help but make great new connections at #BIT16.

If you haven’t registered yet, use this link.  Please read the information here about accommodation offers associated with the conference.

See you in less than a month!

Peter McAsh


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