Learning Space and Innovation Stations at #BIT16

If you are looking for something a BIT different in addition to the regular 50-minute sessions, BIT16 is the place to be! The Learning Space and Innovation Stations will be of interest to folks who want to do a bit more talking than listening for a while.

The Learning Space

learningspaceThe Learning Space is a place for conversation. Facilitators are booked in to guide the conversation around some debatable topics. Check out Lanyrd for Learning Space conversations on Thursday and Friday.  You will find the Learning Space in the alcove (with all the comfy chairs) just past the entrance to the Learning Hall.

Innovation Stations

The Innovation Stations grew out of a need for networking, conversation, and informal sharing. These are booths set up around the dining area during the lunch break on Thursday and Friday. Browse the booths, chat with Ontario educators, ask lots of questions and make connections. Check out the schedule on Lanyrd for Innovation Stations over the lunch break on Thursday and Friday!

If you have questions about either of these two opportunities for learning please give Jaclyn Calder a shout at learning@bringittogether.ca 

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