A flurry of activity!

There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes activity since the last update.  We have reached the point where registration will be open, very soon!  Time to provide some details about what you can expect at #BIT16.

Wednesday, the opening day of the conference, is dedicated to hands-on workshop day where attendees learn by doing.  Thursday and Friday feature opening keynotes, a variety of 50-minute presentation, Innovation Stations, and the popular Learning Space.  All three days participants are invited to visit the Learning Hall.

On Wednesday Bring IT, Together traditionally hosted Minds On Media – a massive collection of workshops where you clearly are the hands-on learner.  We are very pleased to announce the first (annual, we hope) Mega Minds On Media. The entire Peller Estates Ballroom will be dedicated to this event.  Brenda Sherry, Peter Skillen, and the BIT Presentation Committee have assembled a team of 30 expert presenters on a range of topics.  Attendees have the opportunity to spend as much time as they like with any or all of the presenters.  Visit one of the centres or visit them all! You might be an absolute beginner or a whiz with technology—but this is about using new technologies with students through a ‘tinkering’ lens. You choose your ‘entry point’.

In addition to MMOM on Wednesday, there is a variety of full and half-day sessions available.

Attendance on Wednesday requires pre-selection of your sessions during registration.  Thursday and Friday are open sessions.

Thursday and Friday start with opening keynotes.  As previously announced, Thursday’s keynote is Shelley Sanchez Terrell and Friday we start the day with Jesse Brown.

There is a total of 150 50-minute sessions to choose from on Thursday and Friday.  We will be using Lanyrd again this year.  Bookmark Lanyrd; download the app and install it on your device.  As presenters accept their offers to present, information will be added to Lanyrd.

There is again this year a number of the 50-minute blocks for French language sessions on Thursday and Friday.  A number of the Mega Minds On Media presenters are also fluent in French.

Last year we added a new type of presentation that we called Innovation Stations. This is a less formal presentation in a trade show style of setting during the lunch hour on Thursday and Friday. Innovation Stations are located in the Learning Hall.  They encourage a less formal, more conversational style of interaction.

Jaclyn Calder will be hosting the Learning Space again this year.  Also throughout the conference venue there are seating areas, nooks, and corners for quiet conversation where presenters and attendees can meet to extend conversations that may have started or been prompted in a session. These are great opportunities for both learning and networking, a great way to expand your PLN.

Check back here.  Follow us on Twitter .  Like us on Facebook.  There will be more news before we slow things down over the summer!

Peter McAsh