WANTED: First-time presenters

With a conference like BIT that attracts a large number of session proposals, if you have never presented at BIT, you have to ask yourself, “Why should I even bother to submit a proposal?”  I’m going to tell you why!

The BIT Organizing Committee recognizes the importance of having new voices, first-time presenters, at BIT. It is a goal of the Committee this year to actively encourage and accept proposals from those who have never presented at BIT in the past.

The first step in the process to attract new presenters was to include a question on this year’s submission proposal that identifies proposals from first-time presenters. This will allow the Presentation Committee to easily identify “newbies”

This blog post is the next step.  If you’ve never presented at BIT, consider submitting a proposal.  There are a variety of opportunities to participate from Wednesday full / half day sessions, 50-minute sessions on Thursday and Friday, to hosting an Innovation Station.  If presenting by yourself seems daunting, encourage a colleague to co-present.  The committee especially welcomes presentations that represent both the IT and classroom perspective; so if you are an educator, team-up with an IT person and vice versa.

The Organizing Committee is still discussing the specific details for selecting first-time presenters. But regardless of what the process is, if you haven’t submitted a proposal, you won’t be selected.

Review some of the previous blog posts about the types of presentation opportunities available, getting ideas from the BIT social media feeds, and especially the helpful hints from Doug about writing a successful proposal. Then go ahead and take the plunge by submitting a proposal.

Prior to the submission deadline of March 31, there will be a series of blog posts with advice from some of BIT’s more “experienced” presenters. We are hopeful that these blog posts will assist presenters both new and old and we encourage you to visit the blog regularly.

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