Interview with “experienced” presenter Rodd Lucier

Today’s interview is with  “experienced” presenter Rodd Lucier – @thecleversheep

Q  Tell us about your first ECOO / BIT presentation.
A:  Creative Commons: What every teacher/learner/creator needs to know.

Q:  What makes for a good presentation?
A:  Novel content presented in a fun way… audience involvement

Q:  What advice would you give to a first time presenter?
A:  over plan/ over prepare
#1… go with the flow… Don’t feel you have to show every slide if interesting conversations take you in a different direction or that take time from your session

Q:  How can you make a “sit ‘n git” session interesting?
A:  embed interactives… live surveys, conversations…

Q:  Do you use humour/jokes in your presentation?
A:  personal stories with humour… not jokes…
Fun tricks with ‘live’ guest interruptions via technology

Thank you Rodd.

Peter McAsh