Interview with “experienced” presenter Kim Gill

Today’s interview is with  “experienced” presenter Kim Gill, she is a teacher with WRDSB – @Gill_Ville

Q  What advice would you give to a first-time presenter?
A:  Tell your story!  We learn so much from shared experiences. Put your personal touch on your presentation with examples from your practice.  As audience members, we don’t expect everyone to be an expert, but we do expect to see different views and experiences.

Q:  What tools do you use to prepare / present you presentation?
A:  I’ve used slideshow software such as Keynote, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.  I’ve also use sites such as PollEverywhere and Kahoot to gather information from the audience or to encourage participation.

Q:  How do you practice for a presentation?
A:  I don’t!  I tell my story, share my examples, and sometimes change it up on the spot depending on where the participants’ interest and questions take me.  I find that more I practice, or prepare, the less likely I am to “stray from the main path”.  While that doesn’t sound so bad, sometimes you need to be able to go with the flow and be flexible in your presentation.  You need to be “ok” with skipping some prepared slides or to leave your presentation (slides) to go elsewhere.

Q:  Have you ever had AV problems during a presentation? How did you resolve it/them?
A:  Yes!  One time I was presenting in a location with horrible wifi access.  I learned to save a backup of my presentation that can be viewed offline (just in case – however, not an issue at the ScotiaBank Convention Centre).  Another time, the sound did not work at all for demonstrations in a presentation.  A brief explanation of what was missed, and a shared link for participants to access later, was how I was able to move on in my presentation.

Q:  How much time do you think you should leave for questions? Do you take them as they come or prefer them at the end of the presentation?
A:  I personally feel that taking questions as they come is more beneficial to participants as they get the information as it is relevant. I try to leave a few minutes for comments and questions, but always fear the crickets if I end too early!

Thank you Kim.

Peter McAsh

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