Interview with “experienced” presenter Danika Tipping

In an effort to encourage people to submit session proposals, especially first-time presenters, we contacted a number of “experienced” presenters.

Danika Tipping, spending her March Break in Denmark, took time from her trip to answer 5 questions related to her experiences making presentations.  

Danika is a secondary school English teacher with Thames Valley District School Board – @DankiaTipping

Q:  What makes for a good presentation?
A: Humour, practical examples, resources, authenticity–share your struggles not just your successes.

Q:  What advice would you give to a first-time presenter?
A:  Don’t put a lot of text on a slide. Stick to big, high res images. Honour the time limits.

Q:  How can you make a “sit ‘n git” session interesting?
A:  Make sure the audience can access slides and additional material. give real life examples (ideally with pictures/video) from your classroom. Use humour. Use something like Todaysmeet for a backchannel

Q:  Do you use humour/jokes in your presentation
A:  Um, yes. I can’t NOT use humour.

Q:  Have you made any connections that have extended beyond the conference because of your presentation?
A:  ABSOLUTELY! Too many people to name

Thank you Danika.

Peter McAsh


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