Interview with “experienced” presenter Aviva Dunsiger

Today’s interview is with  “experienced” presenter Aviva Dunsiger, currently a Kindergarten Teacher in HWDSB –  @avivaloca

Q  Tell us about your first ECOO / BIT presentation.
A:  I did one of the Pecha Kucha presentations with Jamie Weir. It was great! I liked that it was a finite amount of time, & I could really prepare well in advance. Made me feel more comfortable — especially with a big audience.

Q:  Have you ever done a presentation that didn’t go over well?
A:  Yes — It was a back-to-back presentation a couple of years ago. I think that I have so much to the first presentation that I was worn out by the second. It was a really small group, & people weren’t interacting much. I think I lost my spunk.

Q:  How do you practice for a presentation?
A:  I go through it to myself … Looking at the slides and saying what I might say. I do this a number of different times to get comfortable with the content and with my delivery. This also helps me see if anything’s missing.

Q:  What was your inspiration for your favourite presentation?
A:  My classroom experiences — actually most of my presentations stem from this.

Q:  Does it bother you if someone gets up and leaves in the middle of a presentation?
A:  Not really — & I always tell people that it’s okay if they do, but I sometimes wonder why they do. I wish I could always hear the reason why.

Thank you Aviva.

Peter McAsh

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