Consider being a Minds on Media Facilitator

Minds On Media is the creation of Brenda Sherry and Peter Skillen.  MOM is available at BIT16 as part of the hands-on lineup of learning on Wednesday, which also includes full and half-day sessions.

The best way to explain MOM is to quote from the Minds On Media website:

“Minds On Media (MOM) is a model of professional learning that respects the learner’s ‘desire to know’.

Teachers come to learn and we respect their choices in how they wish to do that. We want them to take a ‘minds on’ approach.

We believe that:

  • the locus of control for learning should be in the hands of the learner
  • the facilitator must be aware of, and respond to, the learner’s desires, needs and expertise
  • the learner should leave empowered to learn further – beyond the MOM event
  • there are always experts among us

At Minds On Media teachers will choose what they need to learn based on their own needs, learning styles, interests, levels of expertise. They are able to move freely throughout the day from centre to centre if, and when, it suits them.

Facilitators spend some time before the event thinking about practical ways to support self-directed learners at a hands-on session. This requires the creation of a variety of materials, strategies and access points. Differentiated learning is equally important for adults.

It’s not ‘wait for the workshop’ anymore. It’s ‘just in time’ learning – not ‘just in case’. Teachers will gain expertise in asking questions using social tools and in developing, nurturing and leveraging a robust professional learning network (PLN).

Facilitators at MOM sessions look forward to, not only teaching, but learning with others. They respect the knowledge and expertise that each person brings to the table.”

In conjunction with Peter and Brenda, BIT is looking people interesting in being a facilitator at a MOM centre.  If you are submitting a Wednesday full day or half day proposal, you have the option to indicate that you would consider “presenting” your session at MOM.  Think about it.  MOM is a great experience not just for the participants—but also for the facilitators!

Peter McAsh
Social Media


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