Session Proposal Ideas from BIT Social Media

Jeff Reaburn’s post outlines the various opportunities for sessions at #BIT16.  The next logical question is,  what topic should I present?  Perhaps I can help….

I scan a variety of news sources daily and post links on @BIT2016  These posts represent what I feel to be topics of interest to the target audience of BIT – members of ECOO and OASBO-ICT.  Any of the posts could be a possible topic for a session at #BIT16.  We are especially interested in presentations that truly “Bring IT, Together” where both ECOO and OASBO-ICT members present a topic of combined interest.

After a few days I review the @BIT2016 posts to see which posts generated the most interactions.  I then post those links to the BIT Facebook Page.

A possible topic for a session most certainly need not be limited to one from our social media posts.  Great things are happening in education in Ontario and this is your opportunity to share.

Get your thinking caps on.  Consult with your colleagues.  Refer to the social media posts.  Select a topic, or topics, for consideration as a proposal for #BIT16.

The next step is to submit your proposal and to help with that, later this week there will be a BIT Blog post from Doug Peterson on “How to write a successful session proposal”.

Peter McAsh
Social Media Portfolio