Now What?

Another successful Bring IT, Together Conference is “in the books.”  So, now what?

The learning continues.  Keep in contact with those people you meet at the conference.  Work together.  Collaborate.  Exchange ideas.

Many presenters will have posted resources and materials on the page for their session in Lanyrd.  The Lanyrd page contains the contact information for the presenter(s).

A volunteer used Facebook to Live Stream various sessions.  These videos are available on our BIT Facebook Page.

Tweets of interest to educators and IT professionals will be posted to @BringIT2016 regularly.

We will continue to use #bit16 hashtag and will gradually migrate to #bit17.  The name of our Twitter account will change to reflect the new year but you don’t have to do anything.  If you follow us now, you will follow us with our new name.

Save the Dates:
November 8, 9, and 10, 2017 for #BIT17

Peter McAsh

ECOO Annual General Meeting

All ECOO members are invited to attend the 2016 AGM, scheduled for Thursday Nov. 10th at noon in the Peller Estates ballroom A. The AGM meeting is a required formal process for ECOO which covers:
– the approval of the 2015 AGM minutes
– reports from 15/16 board members regarding ECOO business,
– BIT16 conference report,
– a presentation of the ECOO financial statements
– and the results from the ECOO election campaign from the fall.
It is noted that not all positions on the ECOO Board were filled through the fall election process so an important part of this meeting will be to accept nominations for open positions for the 16/17 Board of Directors. New voices and energy are in integral part of keeping ECOO a vibrant and forward thinking association that will continue to play a key role in shaping education in Ontario, growing capacity in technology enabled learning, sharing our collective learning and raising the profile of effective use of technology across the classrooms in the province.
On behalf of the current board of directors, we look forward to your participation at the AGM.
Mark Carbone
ECOO President

Social Media – #BIT16 and #NotAtBIT16

We realize that not everyone can attend #BIT16.  Some of you might want to come for all 3 days, but that is not possible either.  

Those of you who are at #BIT16 realize that you can’t do / see everything.

We’ve got you covered with Bring IT, Together social media.

Step 1: Connect with Bring IT, Together

Pick your preferred social media streams and make sure you add / follow / like us:


Twitter:  @BringIT2016

Instagram:  bring_it_together

Step 2:  Monitor social media

During the conference, we will use the hashtags #BIT16 and #NotAtBIT16 for all our social media posts.  You are all tech savvy – use your favorite app / software to monitor the social media streams.

Step 3:  Share / Learn

Post to social media, using #BIT16 and #NotATBIT16, to share your experiences.  Interact and learn from the information posted.

What Bring IT, Together will share during the conference:

Timely Twitter posts:  We will keep you informed about changes / updates / upcoming events.  These posts will use only #BIT16 hashtag as those who cannot attend will just be upset to see what they are missing!

Facebook Live Stream:  On Wednesday we will experiment with using Facebook Live Streaming to show you what’s happening.  Thursday and Friday we will live stream one session from each time slot.   A BIT Volunteer will stream the session that he/she is attending.   Keep in mind that this is the first time we’ve tried this.  BIT followers, of all people, should understand that something will likely go wrong and we will deal with it (no pun intended).

Thursday Keynote Live Stream:  Thursday at 8:30 am we will Live Stream Shelly Sanchez Terrell’s keynote.  Details will be posted to Twitter and Facebook.

Wandering Instagram:  Volunteers will be wandering the venue and be taking pictures that will be posted to Instagram and Twitter.  Who will you recognize?

Peter McAsh