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The Great BIT Proposal Challenge

The Conference Committee for the Bring IT, Together Conference has opened the doors for the submission of session and workshop proposals, English and French.  Let’s make BIT16 the best conference ever.

Through social media, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, other conferences and PD events, there are a lot of great things happening in Ontario classrooms and school districts.  How many times have you said to yourself “I wish that XXXXXX would present about this?” and unfortunately, it doesn’t happen!

So, let’s make it happen.

The BIT16 Conference Committee would like to see you challenge those who you would like to see present on a topic to actually do so and submit a proposal.  It’s a simple process.

Just send a message on your favourite social media network and challenge them to submit.  A sample Twitter message might look like this.

I challenge @xxxxxx to submit a proposal to talk about xxxxxx at #BIT16

Make sure you tag them so that they don’t miss your challenge.

Let’s get the best in Ontario education submitting and make this the best conference ever.

Doug Peterson
Presentations Committee

Social Media and #BIT16

BIT maintains an active social media presence throughout the entire year.  We post links to online resources that we feel are of interest to those involved with IT in education.  As the conference approaches, posts specific to the conference will also be made to keep you up to date.

New this year, is this “blog” post on the opening page of our website.  This page will be updated frequently with information that is too long for Facebook or Twitter.

Twitter –

You might have noticed that the name changed to @BringIT2016 but if you followed @BIT2015 you are still following us.

Twitter posts are made frequently and at various times of the day.  Everything we find that’s interesting and all posts related to the conference will be posted on Twitter.

We use, and encourage you to use, the hashtag #BIT16

Facebook –

This is the same page as previous years.  All posts made to Twitter about the conference will be mirrored on Facebook.  In previous years, all Twitter posts were also mirrored to Facebook, but this year we are going to try something different.

Facebook posts about the conference will be made at the same time they are posted to Twitter.  Here’s the change.  On a regular (likely daily) basis, we will review the Twitter posts and those posts with the highest levels of interaction (what you are interested) will be reposted to Facebook.

Instagram –

Last year was the first year we used Instagram.  It is used primarily during the conference to share images.


Lanyrd is our online conference directory.  The site for #BIT16 is up and running.  This site / app becomes your goto place for everything related to the sessions at #BIT16.  We will also be encouraging our session presenters to make use of the features available in Lanyrd to connect with participants before, and after, #BIT16

Peter McAsh
Social Media Portfolio