Interview with “experienced” presenter Jonathan So

In an effort to encourage people to submit session proposals, especially first-time presenters, we interviewed a number of “experienced” presenters.  This interview is with Jonathan who is a teacher at Ray Lawson PS in Brampton –  @MrSoClassroom

Q  Tell us about your first ECOO / BIT presentation.
A:  Three yrs ago someone suggest I apply and I did. Co-presented and it went great.

Q:  What makes a good presentation?
A:  A balance between information, connections and application. Be honest and personable. Speak from your heart and what makes you passionate you cannot go wrong.

Q:  What topic do you think is HOT and TIMELY for Bring IT, Together 2016
A:  Coding, tech in mathematics, purposeful tech integration, 3D printing, GAFE, Minecraft

Q:  What advice would you give to a first-time presenter?
A:  Have fun and relax. You are the expert.

Q:  Have you ever had AV problems during a presentation? How did you resolve it/them?
A:  Yes and you once again roll with the punches.  Just present and have fun.

Thank you Jonathan.

Peter McAsh