What’s next with #BIT16 proposals?

Thanks to everyone who submitted a proposal for the Bring IT, Together 16 Conference.  This three-day event will feature a wide variety of topics and presentations geared for Ontario Education.  The presentations submitted are guaranteed to make this excellent educational technology conference even better than ever.

What’s next?

The next steps are in the hands of the conference committee.  There are far more presentation proposals received than there are time slots!  So, the entire committee will be evaluating all of these and attempt to put together a slate featuring the best of the best. Undoubtedly, there will be many great proposals that we will have to pass on, simply because we don’t have enough spaces to accommodate everyone.

Everyone will be notified of the outcome, whether successful or not, and some will be advised that their proposals are on the waiting list. Every year, for a variety of reasons, we have a small number of presenters who are unable to attend and we fill their spaces with presentations from the waiting list.

It will take about a month to get this job done and each presentation proposal will be reviewed by at least three committee members to give the best review possible.  Consequently, the acceptance notices will probably not be sent out until late May (in case you have your email open and are waiting!) That doesn’t mean that you can’t start preparing your presentation now.  Brainstorming and doing a graphic organization of your topic will ensure that you put together the best presentation you can.  

Hopefully, you’ve read the advice from our “experienced presenters” series.  There’re some great ideas there.

Here are a few additional resources that you might find helpful:

Why Your Tech-Obsessed Conference Presentation Stinks—and How to Make It Better

Where would we be without Top 10 lists?

10 Great Tips for Effective Presentations

And, don’t forget your presentation style either! 

Tics, Bad Habits And Infelicities: My Top Ten Peeves In Public Speaking

Good luck with your presentation preparation.  

Check back here often for updates about the conference.

Presentations Committee:  Jeff, Doug, Peter

Meet the #BIT16 Committee

In the previous BITBlog post, Jeff Reaburn explained that each of the 284 session proposals we received will be evaluated and scored by three different members of the committee.  I thought this would be a good time to introduce all the members of the #BIT16 Committee.

Role Name conference email
Co – Chair / ECOO Board Member Harry Niezen conference@bringittogether.ca
Co – Chair / OASBO ICT Rep Cathy Thier conference@bringittogether.ca
Treasurer Jeff Weir treasurer@ecoo.org
Registrar Alana Callan registrar@bringittogether.ca
Audio Visual Rob Scott av@bringittogether.ca
Webmaster Sean Heuchert webmaster@bringittogether.ca
Workshop/Presentations Jeff Reaburn presentations@bringittogether.ca
Workshop/Presentations Doug Peterson presentations@bringittogether.ca
Hotel/SCCN Liasion Cyndie Jacobs facilities@bringittogether.ca
Social Events Leslie Boerkamp social@bringittogether.ca
Marketing – Social Media Peter McAsh socialmedia@bringittogether.ca
French Language Liasion Lise Galuga francais@bringittogether.ca
Learning Space / Innovation Stations Jaclyn Calder learning@bringittogether.ca
Vendors/Exhibitor Recruitment Karen Fraser exhibits@bringittogether.ca
Vendors/Exhibitor Recruitment Brad Ross exhibits@bringittogether.ca
Vendors/Exhibitor Recruitment Cal Armstrong exhibits@bringittogether.ca
Volunteer Management Colleen Rose volunteers@bringittogether.ca

Everyone on the committee is a volunteer.  We are all educators (active and retired) or ICT support personnel, with one exception – our treasurer is a professional accountant (whose spouse is an educator), he is a volunteer.  Each person can be reached via their conference email.

The full committee meets monthly online.

Peter McAsh

Call for Proposals is Closed

The Call for Proposals is now closed.  Thank you to all those who submitted a proposal.   We have received a total of 284 proposals.

The proposals will now be reviewed by members of the conference committee. Over the next month, each proposal will be evaluated and scored by three different members of the committee. The scores will then be tallied and the proposals will be rank ordered by aggregate score. Sometime in early May we will meet to do the final selection of sessions for the conference and following that, emails will be sent out to all those who submitted proposals, notifying them of the outcome for their proposal(s).

The success of Bring IT, Together is directly related to the quality of the sessions.  Thank you again for your submissions.

Presentation Committee:
Jeff Reaburn
Doug Peterson
Peter McAsh