Learning Space and Innovation Stations at #BIT16

If you are looking for something a BIT different in addition to the regular 50-minute sessions, BIT16 is the place to be! The Learning Space and Innovation Stations will be of interest to folks who want to do a bit more talking than listening for a while.

The Learning Space

learningspaceThe Learning Space is a place for conversation. Facilitators are booked in to guide the conversation around some debatable topics. Check out Lanyrd for Learning Space conversations on Thursday and Friday.  You will find the Learning Space in the alcove (with all the comfy chairs) just past the entrance to the Learning Hall.

Innovation Stations

The Innovation Stations grew out of a need for networking, conversation, and informal sharing. These are booths set up around the dining area during the lunch break on Thursday and Friday. Browse the booths, chat with Ontario educators, ask lots of questions and make connections. Check out the schedule on Lanyrd for Innovation Stations over the lunch break on Thursday and Friday!

If you have questions about either of these two opportunities for learning please give Jaclyn Calder a shout at learning@bringittogether.ca 

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#BIT16 does French


La conférence Bring IT, Together est née d’un besoin de collaboration entre les équipes pédagogiques et les services informatiques des conseils scolaires désirant assurer une utilisation pertinente des technologies dans le milieu scolaire. Cette conférence, parrainée à la fois par ECOO et OASBO-ICT, regroupe ces deux équipes dans un même lieu pendant 3 jours afin de faciliter les conversations, les apprentissages et les collaborations.

Les sessions du mercredi sont interactives! Venez participer aux nombreux ateliers mains-sur-les touches afin d’explorer les possibilités pédagogiques de notions, d’applications et de projets innovants.

Jeudi, la conférencière Shelley Terrell Sanchez (@ShellTerrell) nous propose de relever des défis. Son discours est intitulé Trends, Areas for Growth and Challenges. Vendredi, Jesse Brown (@JesseBrown) va étudier l’avenir du Canada dans son discours: Next Canada.

Des sessions traditionnelles, des stations d’innovation, le Learning Space et le salon des exposants seront disponibles jeudi et vendredi. Venez choisir parmi les 150 différentes sessions qui seront présentées jeudi et vendredi. Les descriptions des sessions de la conférence sont disponibles dans Lanyrd. Vous pouvez accéder à Lanyrd via votre navigateur web, mais, mieux encore, vous pouvez télécharger l’application pour votre appareil mobile et vous aurez l’horaire complet entre vos mains!

N’oubliez pas de participer à la conversation en ligne sur Twitter (@BringIT2016). Partagez vos coups de coeur, ou posez vos questions : la communauté numérique sera là pour échanger avec vous!

Si vous n’êtes pas encore inscrits, c’est le temps de le faire! Utilisez ce lien. Ne manquez pas cette occasion unique. Venez partager des idées, discuter des défis et explorer les pratiques gagnantes partagées par les éducateurs et les professionnels de l’éducation de l’Ontario.

J’ai hâte de vous retrouver à BIT16 en novembre!

Lise Galuga


Why 50?

The program for #BIT16 is available in Lanyrd.

Traditionally, when you go to conferences or professional learning events, sessions are 60 or 75 minutes long.

It begs the question – why does this conference go for 50 minute sessions?

It’s actually part of the master plan for a fast moving, interesting and engaging conference.

A good guess would be that it makes it easier since all sessions would start on the hour.  And, if you’re good with that, great.

But, there’s another reason.

Why did I pick this session?

How many times have you sat in a session to have the speaker introduce her/himself and you find out that their classroom is coloured blue and that the great grandchild on their mother’s side three times removed is related to Robert Borden?  That’s 15 minutes you’ll never get back!

Now that the program is fully electronic on Lanyrd, presenters can be as descriptive of their session and their biography and contact information as they wish.  It might even shorten their slide deck by a few slides.

You benefit because that’s a precious 50 minutes, both to you and to them.  They’ll be able to get started right away and make the learning focussed on the topic at hand.  There are plenty of locations, including the Learning Space, and the social events to connect afterward for deeper conversations, if necessary.

We’d like to think that everyone wins with this format.

Doug Peterson

image source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/otacke/12635014673